The One That Got Away

The first, and my favorite, of the fish series.  More strange rock inspirations, along with insects that disguise themselves from predators.  I tried to play with some silhouettes along the lines of confusion as to where the eye may actually be.  For the record, it’s the little white speck just above all those imposing teeth, the rest of the faux eyes would be diversions to less important areas of the body.  My imagination getting the better of me once again.  Thx for dropping by.


Here’s a little character I sketched using ball point pen, with a Col Erase Blue as a gesture to get rolling.  No real game plan here other than I wanted to draw something with really outrageous horns.  As the drawing progressed(or regressed:), I started to imagine that the horns themselves could be little sentient characters, perhaps indicators of the host’s mood. Maybe they’d stand at alert when alarmed, or pin themselves back when threatened, or even snap at each other in less active moments…who knows.  It’s fun to build a little story around a sketch sometimes to try and give it a little more depth.  This one’s in line for a redux, some anatomy and lighting I’d like to fix, but for now here’s something without any editing.

The Canyon

A little abstract landscape study, just experimenting with different shapes,depth, and trying to work fast.  I think there’s a little bridge in there somewhere, though I’m not sure I’d venture over it:) Done in Painter IX using a gouache brush and the lasso tool to try and create some interesting shapes.  I think I wrapped it up in just under a couple hours. As always, thanks for dropping by.

Turbo Fangs…Rough Cut

Here’s a rough cut of a little sculpture I’m working on based on a character created by my good friend Ryan Lee.  I was looking to shake things up a little for myself, and Ryan was kind enough to grant me permission to do a personal piece based on one of his many great character illustrations. For the real deal, great art, and jaw dropping ideas,  please visit:

This little guy has been created using water based clay, which can be a little challenging as it hardens over time(even in going to extremes to keep it damp).  Starting to add some details to the face, and beginning to rake other areas to be cleaned up down the road.  The all important fangs have been created separately, to be added later.  More to come! Thanks for stopping by…